Sultry voice

Scattered like a broken choice.

Splitting into darkened love paths.

Bathing in its river moist.

Leaving all that's bitter.

Favoring the inner.

Stopping words at lips

With a quintessential kiss.

Tongues gift-wrapped in each other

Presents for the lovers.

Taste buds mingling with ease.

Absorbing every sweet disease

That makes us sick with heat

And burning one another.

Planting barest feet

Soft against the carpet.

Curling toes excite at sharing this apartment.

Mounds of needless cloth

That fall

In heaps around our ankles

Heed our call.

Stepping free with bodies angled

Towards the bed.

And if you want

To keep this sacred and alone.

We can hide under the sheets

And make a tent

To contain every moan.

Tossing clean about

And finding song.

Making waves of ghosts

Where the pale sheet did once belong.

Lost under its white.

Catching rhythm right.

Scorching skin...

Hands exploring up and down

Leaving tickles.

Sweat bead trickles

Lubricate your mound.

Guide me in.

Pushing forth...

Making broken sounds.

Watch your eyes roll back

To purest black

When we shatter bounds.

Kissing at the hips.

Sucking at the lips.

Lost in our abyss...

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