Star Rats

In the eyes of a distant darkened sky

The gases shine and collect in heaps

Like fireflies stuck in a lampshade.

But I guess I shouldn't complain

For all of the star roads that I can't reach

In my pathetic cries.

And I know that there's more to this Heaven's show.

Some loophole or fault that is hiding

In miles and miles of distant disguise.

And how it would kill me to know that my prize:

The wonderful stardust residing

Is hiding something underneath its succulent glow.

And I hear echoes in the next room

Of those who seem to have found

Their own constellations.

Clutching and moaning all their sensations

While lifted so high off the ground

In the limitless sex that looms.

Yet still I stay out of the loop.

Completely fifthed out from the four doors of enlightenment.

Trekking my own little path.

And then would it bring you to laughs

To know the excitement

That builds in my bones from discovering

That upon planting my feet on the stars

I realized that they're just as flawed

As the dirt we denounce.

See, from far away far...

They dance in little packs

And burn your eyes back and fro like a palindrome

But when you're up close in their personal zone

You see how the gaseous corners are being chewed up by rats.

Now who would've thought

We'd put all our faith in something like that?

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