God I'm so fucking greedy.

If I ever trekked a road alone

It's because I was needy

And wanted some pity to hold.

A milestone journey

To call mine

And record every step, every line

To show the world.

And get the weak applause

I think I deserve.

No, no...

I'm just fucking greedy.

I'm bleeding

Away my independence.

And singing for you through a sentence

That tickles your ears.

And how I hope to god that you hear

My littlest lies, and tiniest fears

That make me dependent on stares

From a crowd that always spared some sympathy mercy.

Holding back judgment so true for the fact it would hurt me.

Yeah, yeah...

I'm fucking greedy.

And dress myself up with the masses

Of people who think I am needed.

But if I should save myself

Then lend me your help

And when you see my famished soul

Blemished and torn from the ways that I beat it,

Don't even feed it...

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