Jesus! Even though I have my faults

It wouldn't kill you to just stop exploiting them

As if they're all I've got.

It wouldn't drill you to just let me be

The firefly that finds his way to Heaven through a guiding glow

Without putting me out.

So let me see...

If I ran a thousand light-years

Would it set me free?

And if I shed every anomaly

Would I see differently?

And when my mirror image stares at me

Would it dissolve at what it saw?

Would it even be ME?

Circle jerks of thoughts

That lead me to the stanzas that I always jot.

Oh... when I come around

I switch the 'this' to 'that'

And do regurgitate.

What beauty would you have me find

In all the things I make?

Or would you spite me?

Pass me off as some pathetic dying breeze

That only wishes to be heard

And rustle once again your autumn leaves

Before I merge

Into a speedless air across the sea...

Falling... Falling wind

That howls his mortal sins

At moonless canyons.

Piercing echoes

Bouncing off eroded rock

And heard by only clouds,

Fading by the tock...

How it once blew fierce with hurricane dreams:

Toppling mightiest jungles

With its monsoon scream

And spreading desert grains across the earth at will.

But how your concrete hair stood still.


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