Stranger Dance

Would I be wrong

For wanting to sing you a song

Through muffled vocal chords

Purely to say I belong.

Would I be fought

For breathing my thoughts

Into that stomach space

Above where your pant buttons lock?

An area of skin that I sought

To indulge all my stanzas within?

Or would you dissmiss this

Idea to cloud you with bookshelf kisses?

To fill you with pages of ecstasy pure

And stories of all of our wishes.

No... no... I think you'd stay right there

And let me catch your somber stare

From next to the photo frame

That paints all your body and soul

So bare and picturesque.

Come with me now, and leave from your stance.

Dance with me under the broken fan

And spin all our thoughts with our hands in the air

Making the motionless blades circulate

Every time that you swing back your hair.

And hold all your body to mine.

I swear we can make it this time

To the fantasies we thought we never would find.

And dance with me, stranger.

You've known me so well that my lips sweat with sexiest danger.

Dance with me, friend.

Our passion tonight has a limitless end.

And checkered floors only serve as a placemat for all of your hair strands.

Tossed about in wicked fashion

While our minds unfasten.

And our hands explore in curious passion.

Body and Soul like the rockets that crash and

Subside into space...

Dance with me, stranger

Show me the things I can taste...

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