I'm timid, you know.

Can't you see that's why a minute ago

You touched me and I recoiled in curls like a cinammon roll?


Every time that you blink I see lightning.

Thunderous words do impale me... This... this was never like me.

I'm lost in a crowd.

'Tween all the bodies... The cost of this shroud

Has every footstep of mine etching fragments of loss in the ground.

A child in dreams

Who still sees amazement in wildlife streams

But lives on a pavement so passive.. How mild it seems.

And all the while I scream

Missiles across all the miles of green,

Whistles that cost everything but the gleam in my eye:

The one that resides... presides...

Until the day that I fly

Straight to the angels who cry for me.

How when it rains I feel they've died for me.

And all the clouds grow shadows

An invitation to the gallows

Where my hunger lies.

But oh so timid... I refuse its call.

And choose to die a mortal flaw

While still retaining sighs...

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