And so I whine

About my flesh, my sorrows, and my lies divine.

What blood will I find then

In these veins of mine?

A drop of mediocrity

That trickles down in trembles

To its fickle end.

And pens that try to follow

Til the 'morrow

Only borrow what I send it.

Hearts and words colliding as a sheet's extension.

Gliding through the heaven's intersections.

Reaching points in their ascencion that soon thin the air

And leave me gasping... choking...

On an angel's hair.

The taste of something rife with death

That colors me to blackened breaths.

And how I love this charring smoke

That leaves me sparring with the clouds

While screaming to the sky to bleed its acid rain upon my shroud!

And rid me now!

Rid me of the casing that's since been erasing every sob...

Please, dear heavens... I've been slowly robbed.

And now a lowly peasant,

Begging for applause instead of sacred crumbs.

Searching for the crescent moon instead of shelter from the slums...

When did I become so hopeless...

When did I destroy my focus...

Why am I so numb?

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