Corner Dance

Melt my freezing breath

With your warmest touch

And let my ice-tongue

Ease into your broken thoughts.

Turn to water at your stare

And pour over your body bare.

Yeah, I wish I could party with you tonight.

Share two drinks and save the third

For later's words.

The fated hour when we find our buzzing stance.

Against the wall... against your pants.

No music on but still we dance.

Away from crowds but still the air is loud

Shrouding us inside its liquor cloud.

While you turn around...

Palms against the walls so right

With every sweat bead inching down your neck

And greedy hands that reach between your legs

To stop your pants from leaking liquid sex.

Char... Yes I'm charred from how it burns to be alive with you

Inside our corner.

Yes, I yearn to be this blind with you.

It's getting warmer.

Shirt now melted on.

The party's dying down.

Hand beneath your buckle

But we're getting loud.

Softest sexy chuckles

Magnify in sound.

Everyone's departed

We will soon be found.

Let's just hit the town.

I'm sick of fucking at your pockets.

We can get a room a few blocks down...

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