Blazing Journey

The flowers wilted at his feet.

And clouds soon blackened at his gaze.

While dampened grass just buckled at his steps

And every leg he raised

Cast shadows on the sky.

Braver for this journey, he stopped and stood.

Thoughts lost for a second to the gusty woods.

And all he heard were echoes of the howling wind and moon.

Tussled hair...

Poignant stare...

Trail worn bones...

Fighting madness all alone...

Darkened soldier.

Weaponless, save for the tiny boulders stuck between his toes.

And who knows how this story goes?

And so the road is trekked

To soon find out what glory lies beneath this wreck.

Onward, facing rolls of black horizon

That just seem to fold and grow in size and taunt his every breath.

Miles down... Worn eyes all around...

Now on knees... Crawling blindly to the sounds that he's been dying for.

Hopelessness abound has now been washed away by tears of discovery.

Rests his eyes upon the town he finally found:

Just the way he left it.

Faces so familiar litter corner signs.

Pubs and billiards... Town squares house the brightest stares

And smiles of those who declared him vile. Sent him out into the wild.

There he stood, with just his outcast smile,

Clothes and spirits torn and lost, with just a match now, slightly raised.

There he stood, with just his vengeful style

And set his town ablaze...

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