Socratic Atrophy


Would you live your life for Socrates?

Make robberies of his own thoughts

To find your way... your self... that man you sought?

Or would you stop for these...

These seconds.

This time of reconciliation of your soul.

Use your eyes for once and see what beckons.

Live outside your books.

That arrogance divine.

And maybe if you strip yourself then you can find,

Your clothes were never tangible with any truth.

Your mental angles too obtuse to measure.

Stomping on the ground announcing all your spirit treasures

But just making silenced thumps.

You reek of all the violence

That is base as all the things you've come to soon denounce.

And if you preach philosophy that weighs just but an ounce

You'll soon suffer reality's concussions.

Looking back on every inflated discussion.

Everything debated from a way of sight

To what you masturbated on that night.

How can you take flight

From stealing someone else's way of life?

And if this false air does indeed

Relax the lies you breathe

Then I will always be here, friend, to grieve

The loss of such a pitied soul you see...

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