I am... one part metal.

Two parts flesh.

Three parts rebel.

All parts death.

Not anything like

The devil in books.

No fiery idiocy.

No soul crook.

Just a mind angled

To a certain extent

Of bitter contempt... and anger

For all who can breathe... all who have better vents.

The epitome

Of Jealousy

And ebony cries.

For the sky to fall

And crush us all in all.

Even our heights out

Knock all our goddamn lights out

Fall with me... Fall...

Crawl... right under my rock

And feel the weight I have put on myself

Living my death by the clock.

Feel the fate I have put to display on the shelf.

Sick with the realization

That I may rejoice in the decimation

Of my fellow peers.

A nation of stagnating fucking queers

That cannot hear the abomination

Of their own cries and situations.

I am... original man.

But transgressed by every soul in this land

To sin.

Yes, mix me so ugly synthetic within.

Enclosed within these clothes

Lies, at times, not a friend.

But only a means to your end.

An end I could bring you so swift

With a whiff of the stench in my heart.

It's somewhere between black and fucking charred.

Oh god... Oh me... I never wished to get this far

Yet all in all

It's no bad call

To answer.

Take the role and face every pathetic devil. Give them cancer.

Leech away at anger fit

For fresh layed chunks of putrid shit.

And watch them burn.

Squirm... with such resolve

Made for you... Just made for you to cling to while I bring you

Every motherfucking piece of pitied life

You wish to terminate tonight.

Just hear me out, though. Put the gun away!

....And take the knife.

Stab yourself so guilty red

With all the dreams that fed

Inside your little bed.

Tiny square... Lost inside a poignant stare

From outer space.

Why, from here I can't even see your little face.

A spec within a city in a state inside a world... You've been erased

In every grandest scheme.

So pack up the knife and cut your life at the fucking seams.

Bleed so right, tonight.

Engage the notion like I have, that none of us ever take flight.

Only illusory fights for a distant Might

From in your suburb.

So unreachable even by today's preachable proverbs.

Learn my ways.

Rot with me tonight.

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