Leave me to my own devices.

These I've plenty earned.

The sacrifices were not yours.

Let me sing alone now please.

I've lost the real to fake

And eased back into dream-like states.

Stare no more my solemn way

It will only get you lost.

Roads and alleyways that criss and cross.

Sit back and remember... remember...

That day in December...

When I was a lender of hearts.

And so let you take out a loan

Where you signed as a mender of my broken art.

Such sweetly repugnant splendor

I thought would never surrender to dark.

And now... as a distant member

You left me alone to embark

Down dimly lit highways, after our fender bender.

And so I start...

With clothes, suitcase, half a heart, and a piece of parchment

Where I record every rest stop

And stow it away in my glove compartment,

Right next to the picture I should throw away

Before I can find an apartment to stay...

Roads and alleyways that criss and cross

Serve to make you lost

While these miles apart keep growing,

Showing... me to where I'll end up going.

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