The Truth About Danger


He who throweth threats abound

Poses least of danger.

Foul mouthed and boasting all the harm

That he can do.

But always last to take up arms.

Never knowing we can do

Much worse inside our silence.

He who speaks the softest

Is to us a distant stranger.

Silent-tongued about his anger.

Seek not shelter in his hospice.

For he brings about a feint December storm

That can leave embers of your fire-soul

In the wake of all its violence.

For, what killer worth his weight in true love

Told his victims he would murder them?

Such a man in jail is made a fool of

For we never heard of him.

Speak softly and carry a deadly thought

If you wish to dance this game.

Foul mouthed and boasting all your evil

Adds such falseness to your claims.

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