Hardest shell.

Strongest stance.

Bottom of the ocean

Lies the clam

If you would steal a glance.

What it holds,

What it's told,

No one knows.

Secret pearl-whispers

Carefully enclosed.

Little clam

In his cave

Lets a bubble out

And saves

The rest

For another day.


Faceless to the sea.

An utter mystery.

And how he suffers so.

Little clam.

Leaving traces

Of the races

That he never ran.

Shut down

From every stare.

So grin and bear it

If you can

For you will never see his face.

And how he suffers so for it.

How he has

Sold his soul for it.

And what I am?

This tiny clam.

Unending miseries

And thoughts that won't unfurl.

Motionless. Sinking into sand.

Little clam.

Pearlless to this world.

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