Speaking In Tongues


I waste my life

trying to speak these tongues

to an audience

that probably doesn't care.

but I'll keep rambling

just to catch your stare

if for a second.

cause after all, these tears I cry just beckon

for an open eye

to follow them on their way down,

and watch them hit the ground

and splash around in shards

that wet this stage with what we really are...

and so I swing my pendulum of fears

across your eyes

to hypnotize you,

and hopefully make you sigh

at the sight of your body being buried

right next to my words

that bore such a weight,

they sank right into the mud.

and now they only come up in the rain.

so I try to explain to my tears

that they need to come clean

with my voice and your ears

if I am to properly

bask in the glory of sorrow and truth.

so no more stories...

I promise you...

don't worry...

I'll finally mirror the honest you.

so I'll try to stop looking at rhyme schemes

and live my life one verse at a time.

and I swear to you...

may I be stricken with the curse of the mime

if my words even dare to lose themselves

in the first set of lies

they are offered...

man, this is awful -

each word just chains to the next

in such a tightly knit pattern,

you'd think you were eating a waffle.

so take my tiny thought squares

and pour over them

the silent syrup I keep over there

by the couch...

and just stare

at my muted mouth

for half a minute-

let it pass

and then bask

in the most meaningful thing I've said all night...

but I'll ramble

about the helplessness that could

strike at any time from any angle -

like I may at once

run out of answers and show it.

or forget that I'm a poet.

or I might have cancer and don't know it.

I could die tomorrow

for not being checked up today

and soon become

that which I've always been -

the ghost of spoken word.

sending dying melodies into the wind.

and can... can you hear them?

they are flying sins

just begging to be heard

by angels when they play their violins:

that music that just spins the truth

I'll never know...

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