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You see, she's not with us anymore.

Oh, yes she's quite alive

But breathing a new air.

My darkened love-cloud blocked the sunshine from her eyes

For oh so long

That every little beam she caught was ever fleeting.

But I've cleared up.

Did my raining and returned to fluffy white.

Parted into two and moved out from the burning yellow star.

Now the sky casts sunshine on her wilted flower-soul.

And so she can devour bold the precious gold inside her liberated pride.

You see, no longer will I stay so somber

For the simple sand that's since slipped through my hand.

No, no... I embrace the loss I won when all was said and done

And stake my claim on this... my barren land.

Emptiness across every horizon

Brings no teary sobs

But leaves a cleanliness across the border lines.

A place where I may build from scratch

With tools that I will now acquire -

Baseball parks from blades of grass

And mansions of desire from a distant thought

Made from a piece of past when I would pass by richer neighborhoods.

And so you've done me such a favor good.

I savored what I could

And always will

But there is much more blood to spill onto my desert floor.

Color it with deathly red so I may feel alive again.

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