I Will Not...


I hope it feels superbly nice

To burn me in your vice.

I hope you feel alive

From taking all that I had left after the toughest road survived

And claimed it as your own.

I hope that you stand firm

On all the ground you've chiseled out from under me.

Because I will not...

Feet that float on air

With mind that lingers on a crumbling terrain

And asks me why I came

To put all my trusting eggs

In such a flimsy basket -

Handle half broken and soft

Formed from the thinnest plastic.

I hope your soul can stretch like some elastic

To accomodate our spastic break.

Because mine will not...

I hope it burns you to a smile

To realize that all the while

My demise is so in style.

I hope you walk a mile away from my heart

And into the clouds where you feel our memories part.

Because I will not...

And still I put an unholy amount of faith

In my own pen.

Drain the precious ink that seems so limitless

With not an end.

It seems the only thing that I can trust

And how it never fails

With each and every solemn thought.

With every piece I jot.

I hope you misinterpret every single line

Because I will not...

And still I cage you in

When faced with ones that say ill things

About your recent deeds -

Give you fuel

And justify

The very reason I've been left a fool alone to bleed.

Simple... Simple...


A dimple has imploded

Into sullen craters.

A cliff then has eroded

Off the sky's own face.

And so I hope you find a trace of something real like love.

Because I will not...

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