I heard of a business man

So rich his pockets were filled

Like beaches with sand

With numerous kinds of each bill...

As legend would have it

He ran quite a business

With workers galore

Responding with quickness.

To mention the truth,

He really wanted to do something else

But realized this calling

Would pay for itself.

And round the clock

The customers pour in

And soon every employee's

Pocket is soaring...

They handle with ease

All clients like fishes.

There only to please

And to be efficient.

But as it turns out

This formula works like a charm

And though quite impersonal

Customers swarm...

And though he may lose a few

Here and there

He always prays for

New ones to appear...

After all, he needs them

To thrive in his business so dear...

So soon he is steel.

And all that he craves

Is statistics unreal

Of shoppers who walk in and out every year.

No one can save

This mask that he's made...

Now he is met with a budget expansion

For all the people he serves with no soul...

So adding some rooms will turn his building to a mansion

Where he can make known all the things he has sold...

But at what price?

Instead of treating all the people so nice...

He'll just take the speedier route

To get them in and out... cold as ice...

But after all... To thrive he must

Cast his whole heart aside and engage in this vice...

And yet we may sympathize in a corporate world

By thinking these things are unstoppable...

We feel for his need for coldness and speed...

But... Would it kill you that he ran a hospital?

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