The Ocean is Ours


Engaged in salty kisses with you, Misses Charity.

How you are generous when in this water

Giving me that dripping touch I've missed so much.

Waist high in this sultry ocean.

Thighs that disappear below the mammoth motion of the waves.

Tidal heat consumed by every drop that sticks like sweat onto your amber casing.

Lurid gears racing.

Sun-soaked chest facing me.

Hungry hand that runs across your face

And slips beneath your top piece for a second

As my eyes embrace the curves around your lips.

Sinking forward... into you for just a kiss.

Lips that meet under the sun for bliss and fun

Create sexual whirlpools of our heat undone.

Hand now strays beneath the salty water bed.

Finds its way to sweetest thighs that once bled with desire -

Now a dripping fire deep within.

Some skimpy bathing suit can barely contain.

But whose to complain?

...Fingers now trace a thread to the small of your back.

Running down and all around -

Hiding from the stares above the ocean top.

And furthering the finger trail to where it ultimately stops.

Lingering... exploring underneath your skin-tight bathing wear.

And probing for a moan that leaves surrounding clones

Wondering what's underway beneath our ocean zone...

Sweet Charity.

Lending me a helping hand once you have felt my finger land

Inside your pool of tiny drips -

Since then overflowed with cries that make you shut your eyes under the blinding sun.

Biting lips and staring at the rays that pump your skin now as you come.

Grabbing hold beneath my waist so that I'll do the same.

Faced with sinking underneath to let your layered screams come out in silent bubbles

Or to throw it all to hell and start to yell into the wind

While making rubble of the ear on every passer by.

As waves that crash around us only parallel the ones within

When you reach for a faster cry.

Uncontrolled now, smallest ripples turn to giant splashes

Making ashes of our cheap attempts to go unknown.

Rocks that shatter wave crests

Paint the bittersweet caress that shudders when I touch your breast.

Ripples prone to spread in circular trickles

Only symbolize the exponential pleasure magnified by our endeavor.

Mammoth rolls of water slowly rising to the sky

Serve to realize your every orgasmic cry long after it subsides...

The ocean is ours today...

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