How can I address the endless question?

How is it that you can take my instrospection

And revolve around it all your thoughts

To spin me the dissection of my severed mental sections?

How then... darling... do you take my broken words

And craft from them the paragraph I knew was there, but never heard?


Oh I don't care.

Because just now

I felt your stare

Inside these darkened walls.

Fearless and relentless you stand tall!

Who could endure every emotional claw

Every suffering fate

And still breathe a cure?

Who could embrace

All the scars on her face

From the battles she fights?

Who could majestically bring out the best of me

While in five personal binds of her own?

Who could take flight like a caged bird that forgot it was night

And imagined the rails that ensnared it were nowhere in sight?

Who could put up with every silly question of mine?

Every stomach indigestion.

Every peeve,

Every drop on my walls that bleeds through intermittent trickles

Hoping to find its way to the ground

And onto your skin,

So that you may feel all the tickles my heart holds within.

Every piece of my breath ever fickle

With all of my insecure life...

Please know that I would soon take the knife

And slide it out from under the fridge.

Bask in its glorious oppenness while it is held to the light

And give... and give...

Give everything that I have

To the one who safekeeps it tonight...

You've done me so right.

And I pray today that you know of my fight -

The one that I put up for us and our future flight.

Your unending love for my world has me high as ten kites...

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