Revival Cries


And then I lost you.

If I knew it'd cause you much regret

To stick around me til you left

Then I'd have surely tossed you -

Into winds that carry weightless basic sins

So that you may at once come clean

With what you mean.

Be weighed down by my heavy breeze no more.

And soon be ready to endure a knock on Heaven's door

Right here on Earth.

Be able to at once spread all your fears across the ocean top.

Bring every dead wave so near with the thunderous upstart of your emotion cannon

Planted in your essence soaked with luminescent salt

From every tide you finally brought to such a deadened land.

Seas of liquid truth

You spread across the barren sand.

Dehydrated -

Decimated -

Burning for a soothing mist to cool it to orgasmic abyss.

Pouring sun-soaked cream from every grain

And sending every beam back to the sky -

Around the moon and to the stars so they may cry

Their stellar drops upon the clouds afar,

Drenching them so heavy

With the rain you've just created from unsteady bursts.

Lips that scream out for a soul so freed from its old hearse.

And now it's told:

Creation through imagination of your senses, sweetest darling...

How your passion is relentless.

Often senselss, but always agreed: You finish what you're starting.

Only you can paint the world for what it isn't worth -

Stitch the running thread that runs beneath the Earth

And live with someone dead like me

In semi-harmony and pitied sympathy.

I treasure you whose measure knows no bounds -

Whose rich exotic sounds

Create erotic treble clefs:

A soaring choir score from what was once a silent pebble.

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