I need three lines of space

To color your face.

Not six or so far

Or I lose your taste.

Yes, yes, you're chaste...

Against backdrops of white.

This shining white light

Beams thin through a glass

Of terminal plight.

And yes, yes, it was quite... the fight...

What little gets in

I grasp with a grin

So tightly confined

My cranium spins.

But yes, yes, for but a moment, I am free again...

I am free like the night

In its wondrous darkness and awe inspiring might.

Taking perilous flight.

Devouring every single sight

While breaking all in my way.

Shatter patterns found only in day.

This is quite a foray

Into the madness of black, yet out of gray.

If a bit incoherent it all must sound

Know that you are not taking it in as it is found.

For you are bound

To something utterly inane yet renowned

For it's silencing sound

I despise being around.

But soon anyhow, I will again touch ground.

Still, how I hope I never come down...

But it's late and night fades.

Slowly in comes the day

With it's strictest of ways

On just how I should say

All the things that I may

Or may not think today...

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