Life vessels

Populate the near and far.

Give me interaction and distractions from my daily shame.

Yet do I see them for what they really are?

Or as means to my little ends?

Do they dance like puppets so bizzare

When I do my little trends?

The tiny traps I lay... hidden.

So when you set foot on them you may voice replies

That I should wish to be bitten by.

How I've heard you tell me the things in your mind

That seem to have been written by

My own redundant fingers.

Must I fall into myself...

The self fulfilling prophecy that is my being.

Layed out... my own fake Odyssey...

Pages filled with scripted acts at every flip.

Yes, here it is. I'm seeing it through every soul!

I feel the numbing sting

Of gliding by on just these strings.

A now defunct marionette who sings the things he needs

For everyone to cling to every whim derived from him

If all it means is cheap fulfillment.

If all it means is being just one note on all your violins.

If all it means is shedding presence of anomalies within

And churning forth this soul machine since its ill-fated instillment.

So let... let me fall back and catch my old step.

Send me regret and your each penny spent.

Cheap marionette...

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