Work Related Boredom


Inside... alone...

This office hole is home.

Blah blah blah

Fa la la

Mind is all but racing -

Pacing time away for nothing.

Facing, ahh!! The wall! The wall!

He knows it all!

Why does he stare back so?

And just how has he mastered

His faceless stance?

His tasteless glance?

His faithless still born dance?

Ahh yes... My mind is watered down to a trance -

Stagnating away from advance.

Maybe I'll take off my pants

And whisk through the cubicle walls of my co-workers' halls.

Now slack jawed from my burst of passionate rebellion.

"Hehe! His ass hangs out in the building wind!

Why can't we be like him?

Come on. Let's sing! Let's sing! Like him!

Jump from your seat on a whim

And crush every file and office plant!

Follow him to the promised land of Hakunah Mi-ta-ta!

Ta-ta! We're gone!"

And now we will dance.

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