Slouching in place.


My mental sword

No longer stabs this tongue

So that I may taste

My reward...

What do we bleed?


Hoping to find

Something that burns.

A revaluation of all minds

At every turn.

Wanting a feel.


Oh let me ease

My hand into the scorching fire

So that I can reveal

My disease.

Intuition's Camel.


Me ways to leak

No more.  And retain inside me

All that I wish to unravel

At a later week.

Sky... sky.


Like the bloody bread

That I chew to remember

My hungriest sighs

Before they are dead.

Flood... flood...


Crash through my fences.

Run through my bones and shatter

In waves of blood...

Thick drops that help me pen this.

Lies... lies...

So true.

Just a shot of you

Tastes like the nectar of lust itself

It drives me to a hungry cry

For the skylines of orgasmic blue...

Feeling numb


Numb is not heard

Or seen enough to be felt.

How utterly dumb

Yet sometimes preferred...

Laughter... laughter...

Hee, hee!

I want you to see me.

Creep into me like a virus

Free me from disaster

With your eternal glee...

Fire... fire...


And blue like tonight.

Etch yourself onto my skin

And peel my every desire

With your purifying light

Straight from the heavens

Like a thunderous roar.

Count to seven

And wait for the lightning bolt

To hit the floor..

Flee like a coward

Or dance with the devil.

After all, we know lightning never showers

Twice on the same level.

But my mind never

Stays anywhere it's been before.

With every room entered

I lose the old door.

Searching for the center

Of myself and nothing more.

I plant my bare feet

On icy floors...

That freeze my chilling bones.

Oh feet... my feet...

Where hast thou stumbled?

The hairs on my legs just crumble

As I lose heat...

The river of blood once flowing so warm

Now serves to adorn

This lifeless and pale sheet.

A body met with defeat...

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