Time passes...

So do cars.

I must need glasses for this bench I sit on looking out afar.

Reaching for the sky

Obstructed by mammoth skycrapers that seem they've died...

Lifeless concrete... Empty beams...

Hold up this vision so obscene.

And from the tough bench

I try for the death of me to clench my teeth

And bring out the best of me

As I try to apply a meaning to these monsters so demeaning...

Blocking the path to the heavens

Yet odd in their beauty when circled by all their brethren.

Each eye holds a different man with a different cry

Casting them off from the world in ways I despise...

Thousands of eyes... within their frames

Hold a different trace of a different vein

That shoots blood throughout its system...

And they soar so magnificently high.

But you know... I can't help but sigh

Thinking that somewhere these skyscrapers cry...

Those days when it rains and you feel sympathy for reasons inane...

After all, they didn't grow so heartless and tall

Through their own accord.

Somewhere, someplace, one of us is guilty for wielding the sword

That cut through our air and placed a towering robot there

To group in compartments us nomads that once wandered clear

As one in the same.

But now it's a shame...

We've been sacrificed to become unoriginal dice in an organized game...

How odd in its premise:

"Let's make a way for Mr. Gray

To say he never knew Ms. Smith

Who always stayed just steps away..."

"Let's build a place so self contained

It shuns the very founding plane

The world has set for it today..."

"Let's make a hive

So I can be a bee

And hide myself inside, okay?"


"Who am I talking to anyway?"

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