She stares into the glowing box

And all of what it's showing.

As she turns the knob and sets the channel

Her excitement starts growing.

It's her favorite show today.

She sits back on her bed

Reciting all the lines

So she can hear her voice instead.

For once she sees herself inside

And playing out the scenes.

She knows just what she has to do

But knows not what it means.

Now out of mind and in the show

She mingles with such ease

And owns the stage for just a while

To see who she can please...

And right on cue she slams the door

To kick the neighbor out.

Takes two steps to the telephone

And answers with a shout.

This role, it calls for anger now

She just received bad news.

But soon her favorite scripted friend

Invites her to buy shoes.

And with the change of setting comes

Her favorite commercials...

The ones where she can catch her breath

That death has colored purple.

Not on too long, the sponsors leave

And trying as she might

She sinks in bed and keeps watching

These reruns of her life...

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