Look inside this glass

And you will find.

Every picture that slept in my circular mind.

Step into

Worlds of green.

These skies are red

And so are you.

A walking euphemism for the dead.

The ashes of a sentence never said.

Never spoken... Thoughts lay torn and broken

With the love you fed.

And I keep trying to resolve this

Through a hopeless symmetry.

A pen in hand to revolve this

Synchronized scream in my cemetery.

Lights... Camera... Death...

Inadequately adept.

Paint your presence here.

Succinct syllables left...

Paint your presence here.

Suffering, suffering breath.

Paint your presence here.

Sorrow that into my joy has crept.

Rain your presents here.

Flood... flood...

Silenced blood

Pours through your hand.

Makes passages within your fingers.

Raining on my sullied land.

Quells my dirty ear.

Paint your presence here.

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