Paint the Earth


Thought the sky was forever but it ain't.

Just some ceiling with a dream blue paint.

Leaves me full of mysteries unseen that I can't grab.

And so I sin my conscience clean.

Fade black to blue to green so drab.

Tired hues on cruise control

Look for a bruise to shade them dark enough to fold into themselves

And smear the purplish pain for what it's worth.

See... note our very Earth for all its blue and green.

But do you wonder what it means?

Do you hear it long for something twice as nice...

A drop of blood within its ocean bed

To add a different shade of dead with every vice?

I hear the cries... the ache for a tiny pollution

To litter the sky with obscene protrusions that blend some realness with this lie.

A C.F.C. to break an ozone bone

So we be prone to every sickly sunburn.

So we may breathe its rays through not a filter but a clean array of gaseous whispers

To our clouded brain.

A trail of smoke to add a brazen streak

And make this picture perfect sphere-thing so unique

With toxic fumes that make us fear things when it looms.

Oh how it reeks a sweet perfume.

Oh how it makes the air so pure with its intoxicating cure

That kills the greenest life beneath my feet and covers the azure

We take for granted.

Wash these eyes with toxic tears that seep from every corner of this world.

And for my breath reveal the things that I've concealed

Within my thoughts in different scenes.

Yes, soon I'll sin my conscience clean...

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