On the Brain


Had you on the brain today at work.

And so I came to spread the birth

Of every trickling thought

Throughout my body.

Stayed devout to all the tickling that you send my nerves.

And like a sickly patient I ached out for your cure.

The pain from lacking pain.

The yearning for the turning corner to hold every death and coroner

That will bring me suffering

So that I may at once be justified in craving comforting.

I must've lied in saying I had coloring that wasn't anything but grey

And so I say -

Paint me shades that are indeed worthy of Longing's pain.

And I will show your blood belonging in these watered veins.

I have soddered every flesh wound

To a meaningless device of sacrifice where never needed.

Show me how I played conceited -

Making forest trees of feelings never seeded.

Take what little worth I have and bleed it onto you

And show it true desire...

Burn me with the deadest red

And soothe me with the blue attire of your manic skyline.

If I panic, then it's fine.

It means I feel you close.

You steal my ghost through just a breath

Exhale back into me what's left

And make a coffin of my lungs

Where I can put my insignificance to rest...

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