Love Kills


Love kills...

It kills all the blood

That we spill

Leaving traces of black

On our heart's window sill...

Love sits

Around for my soul's

Perfect fit

While it waits with a knife

For a heart to split...

Love came.

And it pulsed like a drug

Through my veins.

So that soon all i saw

Was the stake it would claim...

And my heart did the thing

Where it skips a beat.

And I can't seem to bring

Myself to my feet

This is death....

No, some call it love.

But love kills...

Love kills our reality

And leaves only dreams.

A world where a fantasy

Shines like a beam.

It is all that we see.

So tempting and free

Yet dangerously

Addicting to me...

Love reshapes a smile

Into a blanket of fire

Fueled just by her eyes.

Made warm by her cries.

Stripped cold like an ice

On your soul when it dies...

Oh show me your magic

And breathe with me right...

Oh sing with me tragic

These songs here tonight...

And show me the only

Way out of life

Into something phony

Yet high as a kite...

And soon our minds will echo in the moonlight.

Resonating across the stars at night.

And soon our vision will lose its precision

And leave us to guide our spirits in flight...

How you ice me at once

With your burning tongue

Breathing purest snow

Into these filthy lungs

Where I used to blow

And now all I mastered

All that I know...

Is completely disaster

Shattered by your flow.

Love kills...

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