My Ocean Floor


It's night right now.

I wish to stand out in the rain.

And ask the Lord just why I came

To be so far from free and sane.

I long to capture

Every sweetest rhyme

That oozes from my mind

And call it mine... call it mine...

I wish to stop repeating

Just to fill a line.

An eloquently worded lie

That's been depleting from this heart so fleeting.

I don't ask for much

Just for a touch of something real.

Just a simple stroke of skin from you

To comfort and reveal

My inner voices so unreal.

But somehow... I think you can feel

The way they dance around your ears.

Yes, finally... Yes, you are here...

And I can feel you stare at me.

A picture within broken frames.

A scripture holding thoughts profane

That swoon when you blow air at me.

Oh stare at me... Just stare at me...

And fill my lungs with that soothing breath

You emit like fiery death from the sun.

And join me here as one

If only for a moment.

Yes tonight, we own it.

How I long to clone it

Take your aching lips.

Your swaying hips

And make a home in you.

How I am prone to you.

I'd fly halfway around this earthly zone for you.

I'd kill the phone for you

And send you telegrams of whispers.

Yes I am, for just tonight, your atlas.

Your bittersweet Atlantis

Made for you to just explore

And reach my ocean floor

Find the bubbles rising from the rubble

Of my sickness oh so sore

Forever more...

Lose your light

Inside the darkness at the bottom of my sea.

Let your hair float out in ways that tickle every nerve you breed.

Kill the sounds of higher ground

As you delve deeper into me.

Pop your ears and touch my fears...

Into my soul so watery...

Make your body drift into its lightest form

Paint me caverns full of bubbly patterns

With those breaststrokes that adorn

My mind...

Oh god... You're inside of my mind.

I only ask you cure it with your touch divine...

Come to me and you will find

Just for tonight. Yes... You are mine...

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