Truth (A Revelation)




I look around only to find deceit abound

In a world riddled with foulest filth.

This seems for what we've all been built.

I see the land, stretched across the plains of sand

Interspersed with desert marauders

Whose cries slowly echo louder.

Take my heed.  Swear with me this solemn creed.

Every soul exists with some kind of prize.

But know that it involves your demise.



Sickening, sparkling with shrouds of tears and hatred, glistening...

Who is listening... closer than they should?

Who can visualize, what lies beneath the hood

Of the mobile machines you see?

Plugs and valves of reduction.

V-8 engine of destruction.



Am I the only one... who can bring you the gun... and satisfy

Your craving for nothing but saving yourself, as you magnify

These bullets that taste like truth

And project them with such precision

Into me and now your vision

Is clear.  This is the one true time you are here...

That is, near, to the essence of your wants and fears.

For once your mind is in the clear.

Free of all barriers... You are now the carrier

Of your own disease.

Don't show restraint

Don't revert to the things you paint

On yourself when you want to please

This world... So now get on your knees.

And like the good that we all seek

We cast off doubt and underneath

A shadow flares as we unsheath

Our rawest feelings... And so unappealing

We project them onto each other

Now I suddenly realize

What you and others tried to hide.

And for the life of me it hurts

But the facade that we put up

Was five to ten times fucking worse.

Show me now this bitter angst.

Let our truth begin to dance

Into everyone's soul... so bold.

It pains me so...

To know that this is what we hold.

Truth be told... We clash

But hide behind a sash

Of unity...

So kill these games at last

And show what you can do to me...



A symbiotic world is but a gleam

In a blind man's wet dream.

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