Finest rum...

Empty glass...

How you wet my lips with every thirsty sip

Through every minute past.

Share my drink.

Tell me what you think you see

Inside of me

With eyes of glass.

Step into my world created

Shrouded by the air inebriated

At long last.

Sit with me far in the corner

Where the darkness casts a light

Just dim enough to block the sight

From every prying stare.

And stay right there...

Share my drink.

Tell me what you think so bare...

Elbow on the counter top.

Sipping round the clock

And breathing heavy sighs.

Rum indeed is meant for fun

And what we need is here inside.

Gaze at me so drowsy eyed

And lose your breath.

Just 17 sips left.

Make a toast

To everything that matters most right now.

Lift your glass

And let me whisper through the crowd

How I have blistered for your touch

Since I sat down.

Make you know

How in this blackened bar you glow.

Tell you things that pleasure so

And warm you all around.

Share my drink.

Tell me what you think we've found...

Smile soft.

Move your arm a little off...

To the side

And glide your fingers to my buckle.

Letting out that tiny chuckle.

Show me where we go this magic night

And kiss me so dramatic right.

Lips so soft with all the rum we've shared

Emit a tragic light

That I embrace

And bring my fingers to your face.


The simple cries beneath your eyes.


The whimper in your sighs

And taste...

All that we can tonight

Before this glass is empty...

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