Reject me. Neglect me.

Like shit, disrespect me.

Oh make me feel alive

Weak and frustrated to survive.

Make me take a mental dive...

Suffer me these pangs of guilt

Break the barrier's I've built.

Make me know what's real

For the life of me reveal

What it is to FEEL...

I never wanted any healing.

All I crave is rawest feeling.

Just to know that I exist.

Let this painful surge persist.

And indulge me in abyss.

Yes I trek upon the easy path.

Much simpler to soak in baths

Of reckless and relentless pain

For these are feelings all the same.

And all I need and why I came

Is to revive these once lost veins

And inject them with something real.

And make them know just how to FEEL...

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