Hotel Room


I wish... I wish tonight...

To waste my hours away in a hotel room.

I like the way the beds are perfectly made.

The pastel shades

That fight for the sexy light the lamp emits

Cues my temptation.

As if these symmetric objects were prepared for my night of isolation.

Yeah -

There is a different air to it all.

I know I could make that convenient call to the maid.

Tell her to bring me some frames for the wall

And set them up in familiar patterns.

Make me feel at home...

But no.

I like this uncanny zone.

Never boring.

The shower curtains are intoxicatingly foreign.

No silly lines and dots and swirls adorn them.

Just a blinding sheet with whiteness soaring.

And some cheap air unit.

All broken down but making its token sound still.

Just loud enough

To keep my brain juices whirling with its continuous whirring.

I stop for a minute and deconstruct the machine's sound.

If you listen closely for about twelve aching seconds

The same 'click' comes around.  And over it starts

Like a broken record playing my favorite song.

And this one is so delightfully long -

'Click... Click...'    and on it purrs...

My only contact with this earth

Is through the painted window.

From this vantage point I see the birth

Of land and water interspersed throughout

Making everyday nuances a spec

In favor of a bird's eye view.

To see green blotches mixed with all the brown

Like a painting spread across the canvas of the ground.

From a distant floor.

Love my window pane forever more.

Always shut, though.

Keeps the air out,

Traps the little glow.

The lamp

Above the empty drawers

Save the Bible deal:

Standard staple no one steals.

I think I'll read it tonight.

Maybe scan the walls for the one familiar thing in sight.

My dirt colored bag -

Packed with some cheap wine and a dirty glass.

Here we go. Page roman numeral something or other.

Sitting upright to drink another

With my Hotel God.

I don't think I was supposed to go

And spill merlot on this page

And add an imperfection to this once flawless section of a room.

Oh well... The mystical aura still looms.

Though I'd best go to sleep soon.

Comfortable sheets... No. wait...

I'll sleep on the floor.


Preserve the bedsheets once more in their standstill beauty.

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