A solemn drip

Runs down my body towards my aching hip.

I wonder away

What it implies.

These lingering souls

Reaching for all of their fortunes untold

Stay trapped

Between here and the sky.

A broken thought

Leaves me feigning for things I never caught.

So on? So on

Drips the drop.

I want to save

What everyone should express fervently today

And bottle it

Bring it to a stop.

So much to desert

Stays around in my face so blatantly overt.

So that I may not

Ever scream or cry.

But wither to sin.

Keep torture and erroneous pains within

So that I feel sick

Enough to die.

So on drips the drop

As I stare in envy at my distant sky.

How with you I?ve fought,

My subtly torturous lullaby.

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