Beautiful Lie

Rhythmic stimuli


My blackened eye

In a state

Of constant high.

How I hate

The ones who try

To lacerate

My lovely lie

With their innate

Concept of pride.

It is their fate

To watch me die.

Truth abound

Can't separate

What I have found

Within a safe

Of lower ground

Beneath a lake

Where silent sound

Will dominate

My every cloud

Of dreams I make

When in a shroud

Of senseless taste.

I wait around

Until I break

And breathe out loud

My twisted fate.

Then Confusion

Wants a run

At my illusion

Oh so fun

To try and loosen

Up my ton

Of tightly fusioned

Little suns

That I keep losing

One by one.

A little girl

Holding a sign

Echoes my whirl

Of thoughts entwined-

Keep to your world

And I'll have mine.

My little pearl

Deeply divine...

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