Stage Fright


Spoonless at the dinner table

Under moonless picnics

In the nocturne now disabled at my touch.

Lyric-stars that blend into a poet-sky

Before they fade and pour from empty ladels

Over mundane blackness and the such.

And so I state in matter-of-factness

The nouns that do envelop

All the stage fright I've developed

When I choose to speak in shades of blue -

The softest hues within me

That accentuate the realest spirits in me.

As I step back  in a tremble

And exhale a cloud of all my strengths.

Once a raging passion-orchestra

Turned into distant strings of violins

At every gaze...

And how I wish this night would burn away

Until the candle light was out

And all the wax was slipping off in chunks

Like all my little doubts

And I could sigh relief at windows shut,

Theatres closed,

And spotlights down.

And sit upon the wooden boards

With no more piercing eyes of swords and mumbling sounds.

Curtain shadows cascade all around my likeness

Echoing the mirror battles raging when I write this.

And though I wish to paint for stares from connoiseurs,

I cannot help but lead them on

With wooden palettes scattered with some fake azure

As I press on...

Canvases of blackest sky

Where I do sketch by starkest cry

Remain forever mine.



All the things I show me


In a homely line

And smitten

By no lookers on

Throughout the time.

But when can I just rest my book upon

Your solemn office chair

Without re-reading prefaces

To know you care?

To know your thoughts divine

On all my lifeless rhymes?

I must be scared

To practice monologues

To a discerning crowd...

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