Limitless Dream

Drown in the waterfall sounds.

I want to stop rhyming today.

I want you to know everything that I say

Can be disassembled and traced back to a tear -

That ember of fears that leaves me

Where I am today...

Now, let love bleed

And plant it's envy seed

In the earth.

And come some time from now

Watch it grow and disperse

Through the land like a menacing curse.

A plague on your town!

It has now been struck

With the virus who knows no bounds.

He'll come around

And eat at your frowns today

Make you feel right in a high sort of way

And fight with you in the morning

Leaving you craving that previous hit

While you're floored with a fever.

You never thought he'd burrow himself in her heart

And leave her.

Now your mark

Is a distant scar.

And to think

At once you left yourself limitless

To think you'd achieve the stars.

But catch some ground now.

Let's finish this.

Show them who we are.

We'll never find the Sun.

We'll never sing as one with moons.

But we might just jump a foot or two

To say we tried

Until we've all but...

Fucking died...

You know it, man.

This life is some kind of lie

And we show it, man.

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