You're Still a Song

If you could just sing me away,

Like a breath of wind pushes clouds over sunrays

You'd watch every sound as it

Melts in the ground

And the earth would cool over and shake.

Yeah, inside me there sleeps something chaste.

A sunken treasure drowned in a

Sea of mistakes.

How you'd dive for a drink without

Stopping to think

What made it sink in the first place.

And I'm feelin' just a little bit cold.

This world's an apartment with a broken window,

While the winter just bawls through that

Hole in the wall

That I broke just to look below.

And I'm danglin' pages of poems

Outside where the wind will just carry them home

To that place in my dream I

Remember so clean

Where I left a note on the door.

"I'm packing my shame.

Oh baby, don't worry it's safe. I'm just

Walkin' around til I

Fall or I drown.

I just hope I can

find my way."

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