Plagiarized Inevitability


Is plagiarzed.

A soul,

A hand,

A mind,

Indebted to the entire


It has drawn from.

When pages are divided,

All the words have coincided

And the bibliography

Is bigger

Than the book itself.

When we look at what resided

After all the Beauty Cited

And the topography

Is flatter

Than the empty shelf.

Then we're battered

From the chatter

As it splatters

'Cross the wall.

And the rhyming

Stops its shining

Where it's lining

Lonely halls.

Trapped in form

Because the norm for creativity

Is broken


Scripted storms

Engulf the corn and barley fields

In soaking


And we can sing

The tune we know the violin

Will harmonize.

But all we bring

Is tears back to the forefront in

A standard cry...

Let it die.

Let it die.

We're candy-coated,

Stealing from the past.

You and I.

You and I

Leave ashes of a thought eroded

In the grass.

Kneeling on the dirt

And palms to greenhouse glass.

Watching life unfold

Without the middle man...

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