Chemical Candy

unleashed vision

spread like sunlight's potential


across horizons.

and uniting

in the heavens --

didn't you ever wonder

where the sky

got its glow?

laid out at creation--

sixty identical cubes of clay

across the tabletop of yesterdays --


molded and folded

through potter's strength

every step of the way

and glossed in luminous coats

of the words you had to say.

yet with a bevy of tools

at our disposal,

we'd still go barehanded

and greasy

under the flawed proposals

of the heartless...

"throw a monkey wrench

into your own system,"

they once said.

and watch the circuitry reform

around the chemicals

once bled...

and you know there's something

to this chemistry -

when candy hearts and flowers

are by-products

of our romance..

and not the source of it.

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