disappearing in glass

i stand, fixated,

staring into mirrors made from

crystal balls

and watch my reflection

choke on its gasp:

          if a future is spent

          re-assessing the past,

          will the man disappear in the glass?

but if i stand in this place


like a pillar erected to hold

some weight,

how long before

cracks in the stone

be fortified?

or do i exhale,

and submit to the crushing mass?

and am i better off

knees bending,

collapsing beneath the stones,

than prolonging the will

of weary bones?

          will clarity surface

          amidst the rubble dust

          or does it even


can a pattern

truly be destroyed

and re-employed in a larger scheme

   - rapture through fracture

     or something alike -

or is it all just

a manic dream?

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