Divided We Stand

Bodies littering street corner memories

Shine through our reverie.

United we stand.

Is this what it fucking took?

Some desert-dwelling family crook

To tear off a chunk of land.

And make all the souls that it harbored but meat

That would soon become bland and decompose to some sand for the street?

A Holiday

For all to pray.

A solid day

For all to praise.

United... United...

A word no one still even knows...

Disintegrated masses

Just know of another special event -

This one makes them sing a song so morose.

For Christmas, to this very date

Knows of presents, not blessings.

And Easter has since boiled down

To an egg for the kids and a keg for the Bigs

A picnic basket... some cigs and pies...

And a quilted blanket

To lay on our eyes...

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