Game Over

Lost Writes (2003)

You hear the screams?

That's the sound of a million fucking

Arguments you've put up that have burst me at the seams.

You see the light?

That's the blinding rage I want

To hand you on a goddamn platter tonight...

And batter you right...

For once you will not put me through a fight

That has only senseless end in sight.

So stop treating your insecurities

As ways to achieve false purity

While grounding me in filth

To justify the shitty ploy you just built.

Oh spare me your tricks

And your guilty kicks

To my already flawed conscience

With your illogical nonsense.

And for once let me devise

A silly scheme to victimize

All that you are with precious lies

As I sing songs of my demise

And smother you with my fake cries

In hopes that all your soul will die

And you'll relinquish all your pride

Into my hands so fucking blind.

Don't be surprised. Open your eyes.

This game you've crafted

May have lasted

But look close and you will find

Your little ruse

Has since all time been used

And knowing this I'm not amused

So quit the game I'll never lose...

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