Picture Frame

Finished Poems

Dear Grandma,

I found your picture tucked away

It opened up my heart

I found it smashed between two books

So it wouldn't fall apart

I thought you might like some decor

My mind began to drift

A picture frame would do just fine

My Grandma's final gift

I had to find a picture frame

For you and both the flowers

The one I found was not quite cheap

But what is twenty dollars?

Twenty bucks is very small

A little price to pay

For all the light you shone on me

Each and every day

This picture frame was elegant

Black trim, accent white

I pictured you inside the square

Not perfect, no, just right

I don't think that I bought this frame

To decorate with love

I think this frames a window

Just to see you up above

I took it home and fixed it up

I saw a scratch at first

I think the scratch came from my heart

To show us how it hurts

The scratch in frame just signifies

When you had to part

Forever in my dreams

Forever in my heart

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