Calling Out To You


Her hands are shaking

and she's losing all control

Her nerves are on fire,

and it's taking a toll

She's scared that the end is near,

She is calling out for help

Will you hear her plea?

Will you lend a helping hand

She's never asked for much,

So is it a huge demand?

She asks you to save her if you can

He's starting to get nervous,

Afraid that he'll be alone

All he wants is to know

What it feels like to belong

He cries himself to sleep,

and he is so ashamed

He's looking for an answer

and for someone to blame

Will you hear his plea?

Will you lend a helping hand?

He's never asked or much

So is it a huge demand?

He asks you to save him if you can

Have you been there,  

On the other side,

Hoping the grass is greener

and the sun will be bright

Wanting to know your life has purpose,

and that it is not just worthless

Will you hear my plea

Will you lend a helping hand

I never ask for too much,

So is it a  huge demand?

Will you save me if you can?

I'm calling out to you

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