Whatever You Say


Verse one:

I am not so sure

That really I am deserving

of all the things you have given me

All that I could ever hope for

and a reason to believe

but still here I sit and think and worry

Could I ever be the worthy kind,

or if you searched could you find

someone better,

Someone different than me in your mind


If you woke up tomorrow

and told me you no longer loved me,

I would do my best to try and understand

The tears would fall and this weary heart would break,

but I would be okay,

Whatever you say

Verse Two:

In the past I lived a life of sin and destruction

I was not happy till I hurt myself

In the mirror sometimes I still see nothing

and wonder if there is anything else

You can say now that you love me

and I still will believe you,

but I would not be surprised if you

ever decided to leave

Repeat Chorus

Verse three:

Don't get me wrong here,

My love still goes on forever

I just don't feel like I am the lucky kind

When all the times before,

I watched love walk right out the door

Leaving me to wonder what on earth I am living for

Repeat Chorus


If tomorrow you woke up

and told me you didnt love me

I would do my best to understand

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