Brand New Day



Wake up, sun is shining

It is a brand new day

Open up the curtains

Let some light shine the way

Hear the birds singing,

They are welcoming in a brand new day

Verse One:

Its another gloomy Monday

That is what the forecast says

The weather does not seem too nice

In the news that is what you read

Monday is the beginning of a new week,

That seems to be too long

but forget about your worries for now,

and just sing along

Repeat Chorus

Verse two:

So you have had a few bad days,

and it does not seem to be your week

You just want to hit the snooze button,

and go back to sleep

but there are mouths to feed,

and work to be done

So open up your eyes,

and see that a new day has begun

Repeat Chorus

Verse three:

So you are free today,

All to yourself,

To do whatever you choose

You would like to sleep in,

but you know the rules

Wake up sleepy head-

You snooze you lose

Repeat Chorus


Wake up, the sun is shining

It is a brand new day

Time to let some light in

and smile

For the brand new day

Brand new day

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